Born in Seattle and raised in Southern California, Gary has lived most of his adult life in San Francisco, CA. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from UCLA and a Certificate in Art Photography from UC Berkeley Extension. His artwork is included in the collections of the Library of Congress, The World Health Organization, and numerous private collections.

While in San Francisco, Gary specialized in black and white film technology using large and medium format cameras. During the mid 80’s and early 90’s he collaged his photographs with text, oil paint, and other materials, creating large mixed media artworks. This work was politically based and widely shown in group and solo shows in the US and Canada.

Gary now resides in Palm Springs. With his current project, he questions the relationship between appearances and reality, and the roles we play in sorting fact from fiction. He creates his photographic abstractions in his studio by arranging pieces of fabric on his work table and studio wall and then photographing them. No canvas, no painting, no paper, no drawing. Just strategically-placed pieces of fabric and camera manipulations. With these deconstructions of fabric, Gary essentially transforms his subject matter from something that is unequivocally “what it is” into something that is completely open to interpretation.

Gary’s work is for sale in various sizes and formats. To inquire, contact Gary directly at GARY.L.BORG@GMAIL.COM